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Toxins in Your Toolbox

Posted by Titan on June 22, 2013


According to the CDC, children of lead-exposed workers were 6 times more likely to have elevated blood lead levels (BLL). The study concluded that 1 in 4 children of lead-exposed workers had elevated BLL.Ways to reduce your family’s exposure to lead, asbestos and other harmful toxins from your workplace:

* When possible, wear protective suits and footwear.
* Wash your hands and face before eating, drinking, smoking or applying cosmetics.
* Vacuum your clothes with a HEPA vacuum before eating and before driving in your family vehicle.
* Don’t wear your work shoes in your family vehicle and never at home. Changing clothes before driving your family vehicle is a good idea too.* Always have a change of clothes and never wash your work clothes with your family’s clothes. Change in a clean area. Bag your clothes.* Shower before returning home if possible. Or as soon as you get home … but before hugging your family.